Dale Leaman: Celebrating Two Decades of Leadership

At the upcoming Pacific Crest Awards Luncheon, the organization will celebrate Dale Leaman’s 19 continuous seasons of contributions to Pacific Crest. A co-founder of the Organization in 1992, and its current Director of Education Programs, Dale has been a steadfast leader, educator, and mentor to more than 1,000 alumni who have passed through Pacific Crest. In addition, he has generously shared his expertise in instructional techniques and show design with more than 100 instructors and designers since the corps’ founding.

“Dale played a pivotal role in developing our core values,” explained Executive Director and long-time friend Stuart Pompel. “These values have helped to¬† create our reputation for demanding personal excellence within the context of a caring family. Dale also helped organize our first Board of Directors, and even helped come up with our name!”

Leaman shepherded Pacific Crest’s growth and development through the ranks of Open Class and into Drum Corps International’s elite World Class. He also guided its expansion from local performances, to short multi-state tours, and ultimately to its current position as a nationally touring corps. “Simply put,” said Pompel, “Dale has led our development from a small locally-based performing group to a nationally recognized music education and performing institution for youth.”

As part of the celebration, videographer Matt Lackey, will present a video of interviews with key drum majors as well as photos and footage from the past 18 years. The corps’ first drum major, Martin Licciardo, will be in attendance, as well as Chris Loomis, the drum major who led the corps to our first DCI championships. Dale will be joined by his life partner, Julia McDowell, who has also been a steadfast supporter of Pacific Crest and friend to a number of our instructors and Board members.

While Dale is stepping down from 19 seasons as Director of Education Programs, it is antcipated that future staff will call on him for consultation, direction, and teaching. The Organization is proud to have had Dale as its program leader, and is grateful for the significant and long-lasting impact he’s made to Pacific Crest, our programs, and the lives of our members and alumni.