Banquet Celebrates the 2011 Season

On Sunday, September 18th, 300 people attended Pacific Crest’s annual awards luncheon at the Embassy Suites in Brea, California. Members, families, staff, board, volunteers, alumni, and friends were in attendance to mark the official end of the 2011 season. Director of Education Programs Dale Leaman was also recgonized for his two decades of leadership.


The following members were recognized at the event:


Dr. Martin Rochford Scholarships
recognizing outstanding rookie members

Alex Dale – Mellophone
Eugene Hicks – Tuba
Gabriella Momah – Front Ensemble
Henry Gillard – Snare
Katie Fundora – Guard
Gabriel Huerta – Guard

Outstanding Members

Matt Busch – Mellophone
Palla Lentz – Trumpet
Ryland Schell – Snare
Mariam Kaddoura – Front Ensemble
Allison Zema – Guard








Executive Director Stuart Pompel recognizes three of the Rochford Scholarship Winners, (left to right), Eugene Hicks, Gabriella Momah, and Katie Fundora

Director of Education Programs Dale Leaman announcing the Outstanding Members for 2011.

Founding Board Member Dr. Martin Rochford reminisces about the beginnings of Pacific Crest in 1992.

Lacy Kelly, Executive Director of the Association of California Cities, represents State Senator Bob Huff’s office as she presents a legislative resolution honoring Dale Leaman.