Pacific Crest Departs on 8-Day California Tour

On Thursday, June 23rd, at 1 PM, Pacific Crest departed for its California Tour. This eight-day tour will take the corps through the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the state. Here’s a rough schedule so fans can follow along:

Friday, June 24 – Clovis, CA
Saturday, June 25 – Stanford, CA
Sunday, June 26 – Stockton, CA
Monday, June 27 – Atascadero, CA (rehearsal day)
Tuesday, June 28 – Atascadero, CA
Wednesday, June 29 – Oceanside, CA (rehearsal day)
Thursday, June 30 – Oceanside, CA (rehearsal day)
Friday, July 1 – Oceanside, CA
Saturday, July 2 – Walnut, CA