CampBLOG: Member Reports for March 2011

Trumpet performers Palla Lentz (Section Leader) and David McGuire (First-Year Member) share their thoughts about the March Camp.

I was so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed with how much effort we were putting into the run! We got under 10 minutes for 1.25 miles. I was really proud of the corps. The visual staff taught some 14 pages of drill, and like last year, took it at a pace slow enough to ensure solid retention. We had a guest marching instructor, as well, Jackie, who was able to provide specific attention to the trumpets. It rained on Sunday, but we were fortunate to have indoor space available (thank you Diamond Bar High School!!!), so we were still able to be productive.

— Palla Lentz is in her fifth year with Pacific Crest, and currently serves as the trumpet section leader.


I thought that throughout this entire weekend, the rehearsals went absolutely great. We got tons done! The music went very well (we read through a first draft of the closer); though we all have some work to do conditioning ourselves to keep our horns up for such long periods. I know we’ll get that done. Drill went well. It’s so much fun to experience this level of excellence. I’m getting more and more excited, and pumped for this awesome show and season as a rookie!!

— David McGuire is a first-year trumpet player, and attends Riverside Community College.