Join the Sustaining Leaders Circle

We’ve had to think outside of the box to make our dollars stretch even further than in previous season, and are excited to offer our supporters the opportunity to join Pacific Crest’s Sustaining Leaders Circle – by committing to monthly installments, deducted automatically from your checking account.

By restructuring your support of our program to a monthly gift, we can lessen the burden of making an annual gift in one lump sum, while providing PC income year-round, especially during our off-season.  It also yields us approximately 3% more on renewals previously paid on credit cards, since banks do not charge a processing fee.


For example: A Teal & Gold Club level gift of $150 equals $12.50 per month. If that donor could round up slightly to $15 per month, we would receive additional funding at an affordable monthly rate of giving.

If 60% of our current supporters decide they can “round up,” it will mean a 10% boost to our capacity—and close the gap we have experienced in Tour Fund giving.

Of course, you’ll continue to receive the same great Tour Fund Premiums:

Corps Club
One premium seat ticket at Corps of the Crest

Teal & Gold Club
Two premium seat tickets at Corps of the Crest

Instructors Circle
Three premium seat tickets at Corps of the Crest
Admission for two to Sneak Preview

Director’s Circle
Four premium seat tickets at Corps of the Crest
Admission for two to Sneak Preview
Admission for two to the annual Banquet

All club levels include a 10% discount on PC merchandise, as well.

To become a Pacific Crest Sustaining Leader, click here to download the enrollment form. If you have any questions, send an email to Executive Director, Stuart Pompel, at