2011 Production Announced!

Pacific Crest is excited to announce our 2011 production: Push, Pull, Twist, Turn.

Program Coordinator Dale Leaman describes it as "a program that melds music with the movement of body and form into a four-movement suite."

The Design Team has spent the past six weeks discussing a variety of concepts, and the music guys initiated the process by listening to dozens of musical sources. "There’s been a ton of activity — phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings, and we’re all fired up about the show," said Executive Director Stuart Pompel.

Music for the first half of the show is fairly settled. There are ideas for the third movement, and the team has some work to do on the final movement. "In the meantime," says Pompel, "the storyboarding process has begun, and we’re starting to see some ideas about how to best represent the music. The bottom line is that the pacing of the music is driving the arc of the show."

Musical selections for the show include:

  • Lauds (Praise High Day) by Ron Nelson
  • Push by Robert W. Smith
  • Adagietto, Symphony #5 by Gustav Mahler
  • The Mechanical Ballet by Philip Glass
  • Serenada Schizophrana by Danny Elfman

Other possible ideas:

  • 2×5 by Steven Reich
  • Emblems by Aaron Copland
  • George Washington Bridge by William Schuman
  • ….and we’re still listening

Interested in being a part of this dynamic program? Click here to apply online.