Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Abiva; 2003 – 2008, Front Ensemble

Pacific Crest Alumnus, Matthew Jamieson Abiva, was recently asked to speak at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and share his personal thoughts on the relationships he has found between the experience of music and architecture:

"The emotional connection I can make with a piece of music is the same emotional connection I fight for in design. It’s what makes the work human and ultimately fulfilling for me. I had planned on just speaking, but when one of the students asked me to play a piece, without hesitating, I sat down and started playing the opening phrase of ‘Leaving Seattle’ The rest honestly, is a blur. If it weren’t for PC and their encouragement early on, I never would have been able to experience this once in a lifetime experience, so thank you."

Matthew is continually pushing for cross-disciplinary means of thinking especially in his day job as an Imagineer with Walt Disney Imagineering.