Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Barnard, Front Ensemble

ImageJamie Barnard performed with Pacific Crest from 1998 through 2003. During her six years, she saw the uniform change, the new logo, and the first time the corps travelled out of California. As one of the more active alumni, Jamie is one of the Phonothan Managers each year, and also is a regular donor to the Tour Fund.

I started my six years with Pacific Crest in 1998 and aged out in 2003 the first year the corp. would travel to Championships. For the past eight years I have worked for MMW Operations Inc as the H/R Manager and Purchasing Agent and because of Pacific Crest’s unique approach to rehearsing I was able to work full time while performing. I have also been working with California High School in Whittier for about eight years, and have been able to work with many other talented groups.

I was born and now live in Huntington Beach, but was raised in La Puente. Friends in high school introduced me to the drum corps activity: the hard work, the dedication, and the like-minded individuals all pushing to be the best. Pacific Crest happened to be about 15 miles away from my house and at the time of growth for the corps, they were willing to teach this flute player how to be a part of the front ensemble.  Pacific Crest taught me how to work well with others, relying on others to achieve a greater outcome.  Individually you are able to achieve certain levels, but with other like-minded individuals you are able to achieve greater heights, which is a definite staple in normal day-to-day life, at work, and home.

Managing the Phonathon enables me to keep in touch with the many supporters of the corps, and I get to meet the new talent the corps has attracted each year. Although, it is a little depressing when the youngest of the incoming talent say they were five when I , myself, started calling for the Phonathon! But that is also why I give to the corps: So that members in this area are given the chance to be a part of the growing accomplishments of Pacific Crest without having to pay so much – even after my kids (eek!) file through the ranks.