Alumni Spotlight: Chris Vester – 1998-2002, Contra

Chris Vester performed with Pacific Crest from 1998 through 2002. His participation bridged the group’s transition from a Division II corps to Division I (now World Class). Chris is a regular donor to Pacific Crest, but more importantly serves on our Board of Director’s as the alumni representative.

I aged out in 2002, and I am still excited to come out every year in the early spring and see new and old faces. It’s like a growing family reunion every year. The nervousness in the rookies’ eyes brings me back to the auditions I had in winter of ’97. Then I see the familiar faces leading the way to another fantastic summer which never fails to get better. This is my family and I shall always be there for them as they are for me.

I’m in a unique position to see the Organization from a completely different perspective than when I marched. The Tour Fund raises approximately $300 per member, and without our support, the corps could not get down the road. That’s the reason I continue to give back to Pacific Crest.

As a Board member, seeing the internal operations of running this nonprofit, I want to help ensure that this program is around for my kids, as well (at least when I have them!). This a unique activity and I think everyone should have the chance to reach for perfection and be appreciated for their hardwork.