Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Bermond – 1997 – 2002, Soprano

ImageAndrew Bermond performed with Pacific Crest from 1997 to 2002. His mom, Sue Perry, continues to serve on our Board of Directors. As Andrew says, “You will often hear people talk about the Pacific Crest family – but Pacific Crest actually is my family.  I’ll explain.

My brother Rob Bermond also marched soprano 1999-2002.  In my time at PC we won our first show, played our first victory gig, won the DCI Pacific Division II title twice (as Walt put it in 1999 we were repeat DCI Pacific Division II World Champions). My rookie year we added the sash to the uniforms and were referred to on one brass judges tape as, “the loudest 29 horns I’ve ever heard.”  A lot changed while I was there.  By my age-out year we were wearing the current uniform with white pants, we were a full-sized corps, we toured in 3 different states in “regional Division I” and we sold our G horns to SoCal Dream after my age-out show.  In addition to giving me and my brother great friends and experiences, Pacific Crest also gave me a father.  My parents, George and Sue Perry met as volunteers for Pacific Crest and still active members of the board.  Reversed from a decade ago, I now rely on my parents to keep me connected to my corps!

I first learned about the college I attended through Howard Tsu (PC baritone 1994, 1996-1999, staff 2000).  While at UC Santa Barbara I joined the pep band just to keep up my chops between seasons and met my wife, Amber (nee Kaminsky).  After completing my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and history, I began my carrer as an urban planner.  My wife and I currently live in Goleta, California where I work at the Santa Barbara Airport and my wife is an accountant for the Public Health Department.  I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration from Cal State Northridge through night-classes.

My brother, Rob also attended UC Santa Barbara and he and I rode the Amtrak Pacific (Crest) Surfliner train every weekend to make the 100+ mile trek to Diamond Bar.  He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathmatical sciences and moved to Portland, Oregon.  He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer science and working for the Portland State University.

My current relationship with Pacific Crest is as a donor, fan, and marginally obsessive online score tracker.  I volunteered to work the Division II finals in Pasadena last year which brought back some memories.  I look forward to Corps at the Crest in late June every year to see all these younger versions of me and my corpsmates remind me of some of the greatest moments of my life.