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Support Pacific Crest in the DCI Giving Challenge

Pacific Crest is participating in the DCI Giving Challenge this year, and your support can make a huge difference. By donating to our Tour Fund between July 28 and August 3, you can help Pacific Crest deliver a World Class experience for our members. … [Read More...]

2018 Mail Drops on Tour – UPDATED

Want to get something to one of our members when we're on tour? Check out the mail drops for this season. … [Read More...]

Arcadia Music & Arts Symposium: Our Newest Outreach Sponsor

The Arcadia Music & Arts Symposium has joined with others to fund the Pacific Crest Outreach Program. In addition, they are offering full scholarships to students whose schools are attending Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl. … [Read More...]

It’s On: Welcome to the 2018 Spring Training!

If you're a low brass or tuba performer still looking for a place to march this summer, look no further than Pacific Crest. You can be part of our 25th Anniversary production, "Here's to the Ones Who Dream." … [Read More...]

Pacific Crest 2018: Here’s To The Ones Who Dream

  Pacific Crest is proud to announce our 2018 program, Here's To The Ones Who Dream. … [Read More...]

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